How to Use Personal Branding with Business Branding
Personal Branding vs Business Branding

When I started Press on Posse back in February 2019, I wanted to conduct a little experiment. I wanted to try and be "faceless" and just come off as a "company". I didn't want nobody I know to know what the owner looked like, whether I was male or female, what color I was, nothing! I wanted to see if it would make a difference in how much money I would make and how well the brand would do without a "figure head". It wasn't solely about the money (I'm actually a licensed cosmetologist and used to do nails in PA and NC so you can say I love the craft).

When I did that my brand did get noticed and it did make some sales but what I learned was that I was missing out on the opportunity to actually connect with my flavorful customers and learn more about what they wanted out of a press on nail company. None of my friends and family that shared my stuff with their friends and family because they didn't have someone they trusted to connect the company with.

After awhile I realized that there's a reason why I'm not Kiss or any of those other brands. I'm better and I wanted to prove that by getting personal. Yes, I went there.

So I started incorporating my personal brand into my business brand. Here's how it all ties in.

What is a Personal Brand?

A person brand is how you showcase YOURSELF as an individual in your respective industry. What you're doing is allowing your audience to get to know who you are, what you're about, and what you stand for.

What is a Business Brand?

A business brand is more than your logo, your color scheme, your website, and social networking sites. A business brand is the message you thats put out there, it's what you use to market to your audience, it's how you attract your audience, customer service, how your employees act, identity, etc.

I definitely had business branding in the bag but if I wanted to go farther in my company I was going to have to come out from the shadows *smoke clears and I emerge*.

This is how I started using my personal brand in conjunction with my business brand.

  1. I started doing fun and spicy lives (FB)

  2. I was my absolute fun self

  3. I greeted everyone who joined my live

  4. I got done up as if I was going on a date (I wanted to look good for my audience so I could feel good showcasing my product)

2. I gave my audience my bio and background

a. Anytime I talked about Press on Posse I make sure to tell everyone that I'm a "semi retired nail tech" with over 10 years experience with an active license in the cosmetic arts (this establishes my authority in the industry).

3. I post as myself on my business page regularly

a. I talk about orders being shipped

b. New inventory with pics/videos

c. Funny nail related memes

d. Relatable content

e. Shout outs to my customers and the cities their from

4. I let my friends and family know that I'm running this fairly new business

a. Remember when I mentioned "trust" earlier? Ever since the people that I know and love know that I offer this beauty product they instantly repost or tag me. More exposure to not just my company but to me also.

What I really want you to take away from this is that both brand types are extremely essential for the success of your business especially if you want to (and I strongly encourage that you do) establish an online presence.

You want that chance to connect with your audience ON THEIR LEVEL and GROW with them.

I hope this helped you! I’m always for hearing your thoughts so I want to hear how you feel about the Benefits of s Personal and Business Brand down in the comments below.

As always, feel free to contact me if there’s a business topic you’d like to discuss and expand on. Now go forward so you can show up and show out!

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