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All About Deanna Dias

I'm a Purpose Influencer and Entrepreneur who is a big advocate for having a Better Life and Better Business.

Over the last decade I have started a few different businesses. None of them flopped BUT I had an epiphany a couple years ago and realized... I... Just... Love... Everything... BUSINESS!

With that realization I found my purpose: Guiding, teaching, and servicing all entrepreneurs new, old, and inspiring. I teach and preach good business practices and how to run your business from the ground up with a mix of old school and new school strategies.

In short, I'm in the business of business. My instruction comes from experience in the USA and abroad. 

I specialize in entrepreneurship, experiential and online marketing, and content marketing. 

Quick Facts on Me

  • I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA

  • I went attended  the University of Pittsburgh​

  • I currently attend American Military University

  • I went to Empire Beauty School in Pittsburgh (license)

  • I've been in the Army Reserves for almost 15 years​

  • I've been deployed to Djibouti, Africa in 2007 and Kuwait in 2012​

  • I was a licensed Zumba Instructor

  • I moved to North Carolina in 2014​

  • I opened Bangolz Boutique in 2015​

  • I had a radio show on WOOW in Greenville, NC​

  • I moved back to Pennsylvania in 2019

  • I'm currently a FT government civilian

  • I lost my best friend, my mommy in 2015​

  • I'm blessed to be the mommy of a beautiful Boo'rito


I was working a side gig at a gala in Virginia Beach and saw almost 300 people drop money like they were allergic to it! 

It was never about me having money, it was about the many things that money can do for me, my Boo'rito and my future.

I needed to WIN... I needed to BOSS the f*** up...

I needed to be able to retire my granddad...

I needed to be able to walk away from the military and not worry about retirement... 


Over the years I built up my physical and digital library.

I started listening to more audio with value and less music. I Reclaimed my Time and made the most of every moment that I could while maintaining a level of mandatory self-care and allotting time for my family.

Before, I was busting my tail. Now, I'm grinding. When I grind, things happen and I reach a new level each and every time. 

Talk about a sweet payoff...


I'm happy.

I have my sanity.

I'm healthy

I converse and meet with like-minded and progressive individuals daily.

Built a community of lit indivuals who want a better life and or better business that motivates me as much as I do them.

I host events and been invited to speak and motivate others

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