© 2019 by Deanna Dias

Hey there, I'm Deanna!

I'm a Purpose Influencer and Entrepreneur who is a big advocate for having a Better Life and Better Business.


I'm also an Emcee, Speaker, Business Coach, and Army Reservist.


One day I'll run for office!


Up until early 2017, I've worked in human resources, the beauty industry, and the government sector.


My big break came when my government contract ended resulting in me doing 80 in a 60 to go home and look at my then executable exit strategy! Thank God I had already started planning!


Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. While growing up any dream that I've had was backed by my closest loved ones. I didn't have "yes men" I had people that asked me HOW I was going to do something instead of WHY would I do something. 




I went to college


In between semesters, I went to beauty school


Around that, I managed to get on 2 deployments


I started my first blog site and ran events for that


I moved to North Carolina from Pennsylvania


Started working in the government sector


Started doing radio at WOOW Greenville


Still going to school online


I lost my best friend, my mommy



Fell in love and had a baby


All this at 30


Ya girl was Tiyurrrd!



I was working a side gig at a gala in Virginia Beach and saw almost 300 people drop money like they were allergic to it! 


It was never about me having money, it was about the many things that money can do for me and my future.


I needed to WIN... I needed to become a BOSS...


I needed to be able to retire my granddad...


I needed to be able to walk away from the military and not worry about retirement... 





Over the years I built up my physical and digital library.


I started listening to more audio with value and less music. I Reclaimed my Time and made the most of every moment that I could while maintaining a level of mandatory self-care and allotting time for my family.


Before, I was busting my tail. Now, I'm grinding. When I grind, things happen and I reach a new level each and every time. 


Talk about a sweet payoff...



I'm happy.


I have my sanity.


I'm healthy


I converse and meet with like-minded and progressive individuals daily.


Built a community of lit indivuals who want a better life and or better business that motivates me as much as I do them.

I host events and been invited to speak and motivate others