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She was my biggest supporter

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

When they tell you that there's nothing like a mother's love ❤️ you better believe it!

Esther Dias was the best mother that I could have ever ask for. She was about 5'5" with dark chocolate brown skin and style for days. What I loved most about her was the fact that she wore this deep and regal purple lipstick that was as beautiful as her personality. Plus, she had a perfect mixture of book and street smarts (yeah, she was a little hood).

Not only was my mom with this fabulous and spicy personality she was a hell of an undercover motivator and an out loud supporter. She's done so much to support me but I'll never forget this one time.

I've had the entrepreneurial spirit inside me since I was in about middle school so when I first got my hands on some wholesale jewelry and presented it to my mom for her opinion, check this out, SHE PURCHASED HALF OF MY INVENTORY, wore it to work and called all her friends to let her know that I was selling costume jewelry. I told her that she didn't have to pay for it (it was my mom you know, moms don't pay right?) but she INSISTED that she buy off of me.

Just the look in her eyes full of surprise and pride for me was so freakin moving! I never saw that type of look she had on that day before. It really did something to me in the "I have more a point to prove" category. My mommy (don't judge me because I say mommy) believed in me so much that if I told her I wanted to start a lemonade stand she would literally research where to get a stand from, what corner has the best visibility, what countries have the best lemons, the exact amount of sugar to make it perfect, etc.

My mommy passed away from a heart attack in August 2015 a few days short of her 51st birthday. I was her only child and we had, in my opinion, THE BEST mother daughter relationship ever.

I understand that everyone doesn't have a bond or may not know their mother and that truly saddens me. It's also a sad fact that real support mixed with a lot of love is so hard to come by. I pray that everyone has at least one of these people in their life because it fuels the grind differently. Till' this day I grind like she's here to reap the benefits of my soon to be success because even though she is not here in the physical I feel her always in my spirit.

Who is or was that person in your life that supports and motivates you?

(BTW Happy Juneteenth!✊🏾)

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