My Daily Routine

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Just like any REAL entrepreneur, my days are longer than the lines at the DMV. One of the main reasons why I feel that's the case is because I still work a 9-5 (not for long tho 😈).

However, this is what my usual daily routine consists of.

6:00 AM

  • I hit snooze until it goes off again at 6:09 am

  • Stretch

  • Read 1 of 3 things (to get my mind stimulated):

  • My Bible

  • A business article

  • Reddit post

  • Find an inspiring Youtube video or play music while completing Part 1 of my hygiene

  • Turn on Elmo (Sesame Street) in the living room, cut up some type of fruit, and sit it on my daughter's tv tray

6:45 AM

  • Pretend to be a worker at Disney World to wake my daughter up and get her ready (she's not a morning person)

  • Part 2 of my hygiene

  • Toss books, notebooks, iPad, and planner into gym bag (that was prepped the night prior)

  • Make a protein shake

  • Pack up any orders placed or made and get them ready to ship

  • Write a to-do list

7:30-7:50 AM

  • Leave for drop off and head to work

  • Listen to the "Banana Song"

8:00 AM

  • Get to work... and do my job

12:00 PM

  • Work on my business

  • Read a reference book

1:00 PM

  • Back to doing... my job

4:00 PM

  • Go retrieve my offspring

4:45 PM

  • Personal training session

  • More gym activities

6:00 PM

  • Be a mom

9:15 PM - Midnight

  • Selfcare and Part 3 of hygiene

  • Perform business activities

  • Pray, stretch, read

  • Fall asleep on TV

Now when there are days that I am DOG tired, I do absolutely nothing for my business and go to bed a little earlier. The weekends are another animal lol. Do I feel like my job takes up all of my time? YES. I feel like my days would be shorter. However, I'm getting closer and closer to that reality. What's your daily routine?

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