What is Imposter Syndrome?

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Have you heard this term before? If not just know it's probably not what you think so keep on reading.

What is imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is when you've reached a level of success and you then you automatically feel as if you don't deserve that success like you cheated your way up. A fraud like feeling.

You feel like you didn't put in enough work (despite all the hours and resources you've spent on your business).

You will also find yourself not as valuable as you see your peers in your industry or niche.

Having imposter syndrome can cause you to miss out on certain projects or take on new clients because you have doubts about your ideas and processes. You'll feel unqualified to accomplish certain tasks.

This my friend is NOT the case!

As far as success goes, nobody knows when they'll "arrive" but when you do that means it was your turn and YOU deserve every piece of that moment and every cent of that dollar. Trust me.

How to get through or avoid imposter syndrome

The best way to over come this is to go look back over your vision board, goals, logged hours, and accomplishments. These reminders should let you know that you aren't a fraud and that you've worked very hard to be that subject matter expert.

This is something that so many people on different levels experience so don't feel alone. If you've experienced imposter syndrome or have overcome it lets discuss in the comments! I'd love to hear from you and build this community with you!

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