Trap N'Heelz

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

That's right... you read that right! On February 18th I went to my first ever Trap N' Heelz event hosted by Camillion Entertainment. It is a one woman show supported by friends and family. This one woman is no other than 23 year old Camille McCarter from Kinston, NC.

From the small country town of Kinston she continued her studies at Central State University majoring in Hospitality and Tourism. Besides making bodies rock she works full time at a hotel as a leasing consultant (2 snaps for collecting her coins!). Camille currently has no kids and is currently dating.

I myself did not participate in the class but I felt like I got a workout by just watching. The class was SOLD OUT and ladies came as far as 3 hours away just to be a part of the movement. Besides watching and speaking with Camille and the guest, I enjoyed talking to Ms. Woods (Camille's mommy) because she was so motivated and genuinely excited for the success of her daughter and her company. She reminded me of my mommy.

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Q & A?

What do you think of when you hear Trap N' Heelz? Would you go to one? Can you dance? What types of dances do you like to do?


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