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Top 10 Useful Skills You Should Have

There's a quote of there that says "Love yourself enough to work harder" (written by anonymous).

Last week was all about Self Love and stemming from self-love is Self Development or Self Improvement. We all are born with skills and the ability to learn new skills. With that being said, here are the Top 10 Useful Skills to Have.

#10 Learn another language 

#9 Basic life skills

To include hygiene, house cleaning, cooking

#8 Time management

#7 Financial LiteracyWe will be having "Money Week" but until then, learning how to budget and making your money work for you. I would also like you to check out my friend Credit with Tiqura at tmcreditrepair.us #6 Reading comprehensionYes you remember the tests you took in school that tested how much you did or did not understand what you read. In this case reading comprehension is very valuable. Do you understand the fine print on the contracts you're in? Read your paycheck? The laws,articles, and books your read? #5 Control over your emotions in this now touchy feely world a lot of us have learned to react based on emotion for non-emotional situations. There are some who have become so soft that we miss our truth or can't take constructive criticism because emotionally we can't handle it. This hinders our decision making skills and in the end affects us.  #4 Critical thinking #3 How to use and learn new technology #2 Effective speakingDo you know how to speak while being understood? Speaking with knowledge and confidence without coming off ignorant or demeaning will take you far. #1 Prepare for an emergencyNot to sound scary but in these days and times it almost seems like you have to be prepared for Martial Law. Do you know how to keep you and or your family safe incase of an emergency? Do you have supplies, food, maps (and can read one), an escape plan in place? Do you know how to observe your surroundings? Its good to have at least a plan to survive in the worst of situations.

Bonus: Being generally good with your hands

Do you think there's something you can add to the list? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to see what skills you find useful.