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Last updated May 7, 2019


AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) - What you've earned from your job, money earned from investments, or a pension/retirement MINUS IRS deductions.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) - A fee made for you to pay on a loan, credit card, etc. due to your credit/FICO score

Assets - Things that make you money.

Bitcoin - Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the person-to-person bitcoin network without the need for middle man.

Bonds - aka Fixed-Income Securities/Government Coupons. Money you loan as an investment to the government or another corporation that they keep for a certain amount of time that you get paid interest on until that amount of time has ended.

Capital Gains - The increased value of an investment or asset that makes a stock or property (real estate) cost more than its original price. The gain (or loss) is only valid on paper until it is sold (when it is sold it still has the potential to be a gain/loss).

Collateral - A valuable item of yours that you temporarily give to a creditor in case you can't pay back your debt to that creditor. The item will be of equal or more value than what you owe.

Common Stock - If you own common stock in a company you can vote at a shareholders' meeting and get paid dividends.

Compound Interest - Money (interest) earned on money you have deposited in the bank and money earned over time.

Dividends - An amount of money paid by a company to its shareholders/stock owners from its profits. This money is usually paid quarterly.

FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) Score - A 3 digit number used by financial institutions and banks used to score you on length of credit history, amount owed to creditors, and payment history. That number ranges from 350 (the worse) - 850 (the best).

Interest - A fee paid by someone or a corporations borrowing money (Yes, banks borrow your money that's why every once in a while you see that you got paid interest).

Liabilities - Things that make you lose money.

Net Worth - Your worth after you've subtracted all your current debt/liabilities from your current assets.

Preferred Stock - If you own preferred stock as a shareholder you have get paid your dividends before common stock shareholders. You will not get voting rights.

Shareholder - A person who owns shares/stock in a company.

Stock - aka Equities or Shares. Parts of a company that you own which makes you a shareholder. Buy buying a stock you get paid part of that companies earnings.

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