How to Sell to Friends on Social Media

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I remember about five years ago a friend of mine posted a new status on his Facebook that said "Don't add me on here just to sell me something."

As soon as I read it my face went 😬. Every time I logged onto Facebook I was posting about what product or service I was selling, sending it to their messages, and tagging them! I was doing a lot and I didn't even know it. I saw my homeboy post that status and I thought, "Well dang! I wonder how many of my other friends felt the same way???" Lawd, I must have been mad annoying!

I had stopped talking about my businesses for a while and just focused on the social part of networking. I started to use social media how it was originally meant to be used.

So, how do you sell to your friends on social media? You don't... directly... Hear me out.

My friends and family spend money with me because I make them aware of what I'm doing and currently selling. Isn't that the same thing?.... No... Don't lose faith in what I'm saying yet.

Every time I get a sale or an inquiry from someone outside of my circle, I talk about it and put it in my stories, and say who it is and where that customer is from. Most times, I just put where the product is going.

I feel like stories is an AMAZING place to talk about products you're selling because you can only see it for so long and it makes people feel that FOMO or that while they see they can send you a quick message about it.

And when they message me... I MAKE SURE I IMMEDIATELY RESPOND. Whatever they're asking for I send them the EXACT link to that product to streamline their buying process. Or if it's a custom order, I get their specifications, calculate a cost, then send them an invoice within 5 - 10 minutes. Normally, they end up paying the invoice. 😏 (I can generate a cost so quickly because I've been doing what I've been doing for a while or

I noticed that every time I do that I get up to a few sales on either the item I posted or for something similar. I also noticed that they'll even go to my website and look around and then place an order.

Every time I do an event, I actually post pictures of what I'm selling and ask my friends to just come to say hi... NOT... to come to buy.

If you haven't been doing this I want you to practice doing this and come back to tell me if this has worked for you 👀!

See you soon!

🖤 Deanna

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