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How to step out on Faith

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

You’re fed up aren’t you? You maybe even ready to risk it all. However, before you just up and quit your job or move across the country because you listened to a few YouTubers say they’ve made millions of dollars after doin xyz, read this first.

Faith without Works is DEAD

Now let’s be completely transparent. Probably the only difference between you and someone “who made it” is that that someone finally stopped procrastinating and made their dreams happen. It wasn't over night of course but trust and believe they not only put in the effort they BELIEVED in themselves.

So what's really the first step? Figure out what you're TRULY passionate about. You shouldn't have to think too hard on what that is if its truly your passion. Your passion can be anything from a clam harvester to a beet farmer ("The Office" moment). As silly as that may sound to some those are actually legit passions. With that being said, your passion, whatever that may be, is LEGIT.

Now let's talk about what a lot of lazy people don't do: RESEARCH. Yes, you have put to use all that precious time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, or just sitting around to Googling the hell out of your passion. Really go a head and learn all of the ends and outs of it. You want to ensure that if a PhD professor asked you about your topic of interest you'd be about to answer and wow them with the knowledge you've acquired (because you've done your research). The best way I've learned to retain information was to learn it so that I can teach it to someone who knows absolutely nothing about said topic. By the way, you're going to have to get off your butt and possibly go to the library, sit in on some seminars, take classes, purchase a book, etc., depending on your topic. Oh yeah... APPLY WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED.

Another thing that is extremely important is staying connected to people who ACTUALLY believe in what you want to do. What does that look like? Let's see, if you told your best friend that you're about to start a business specializing in boot straps and that "best friend" laughs AND tells you that its not the best idea you've had then that is not the person you need to stay connected to on your journey. That is not to say they don't love you anymore, its just that they aren't able to navigate that space with you. Now, if you went and disclosed the same information to your significant other and they laughed AND told you that it's different but doable then you know who you can navigate that space with. Also, keep in mind that when we get our passion off the ground that we want to focus on who's supporting/buying versus who isn't.

Ok, now, we've found out what our passion is, we've put in 500% effort in researching our topic, and we've completed our small circle of "trustees" (oh and yes, that circle will be small). What you'd want to do now is SIT DOWN and MAKE A PLAN. Your plan must include a timeline. This plan needs to have steps, goals/milestones, and a take flight end date. That end date is essentially your launch date. This is going to be your guideline, your reference, your checklist, and all of the above. PRINT this out and carry it on your person and study it every single day. Believe in yourself, be determined, and REST when you need to but never stop working on it. Rest is importan because what you not want to do is burnout or cause any illness to yourself before you even get started. To be completely honest, sometimes you may get slightly discouraged but you have to bounce back. Life happens sometimes and you may have to shift your focus but you MUST not forget to come back to it so you can get to where you want to be.

You've already won

Other things that will help you:

1. Get a mentor

2. Buy a really good planner (or make one yourself)

3. Pray and talk to God and tell him to guide you

4. Be self disciplined

5. Learn how to manage your time

6. Be involved with positive people, habits, and thoughts

7. Study the process of other people "who made it"

8. See yourself where you want to be

Remember, if no one else believes in you know that I do. What's your passion? Where do you see yourself? Did this blog help? Let me know down in the comments below!


Deanna 💙💜