How to Connect with your Customers by using Goodwill Marketing

Hey Billionaires! How's your online presence these days? How's your marketing or content strategy? Well, I'll tell you this...

...if you haven't been incorporating Goodwill Marketing then you're lacking.

Don't worry! You already know what this is but you probably haven't heard the term before so let's break it down and put it to good use.

What is Goodwill Marketing?

Goodwill marketing is the process of story telling to establish a relationship that also goes beyond what you're selling.

For example, especially on my Instagram and on my Youtube channel, I always use examples of what I've gone through and experienced to share with you! I get personal, I'm truthful, and I'm transparent. Yes, I want to sell my products but I want you to know who you I am and why I care about your success.

Why not put your heart out there and show that there's a good soul associated with your company!

Who else uses Goodwill Marketing?

Daymond John

In his book (that I've read btw) The Power of Broke, he literally gives his personal story from growing up in

Hollis, Queens, NY as the son of a single mother, hustlin' (not drugs) starting small businesses, until he created one of the most well known hip hop fashion lines of the late 90's and early 2000's, FUBU. He explains the why's and how he did what he did to get to where he is now and is still to this day telling his story.

How this works: people want to be endorsed by him or do business with him.

Check out more here

Beatrice Feliu-Espada

This woman right here is the founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Co. She gave her OWN trials and tribulations story about her own lady bits that prompted her to create a whole entire line of natural feminine care products ranging from pads to intimate washes.

How this works: her real time relatable story finds its way to women with similar issues and buy her products... that work!

Check out more here

So how can you make use of Goodwill Marketing?

  1. Be real and show why you started your company

  2. Take time to relate to your customer base. Know their stories and background.

  3. Shout out another company in your niche market

  4. Create content that showcases your company's mission and vision and buy an ad to share that content

  5. Connect a charity to one of your events or products you sell. You can do this periodically or permanently.

I hope this helped you! I’m always for hearing your thoughts so I want to hear how you feel about Goodwill Marketing down in the comments below.

As always, feel free to contact me if there’s a business topic you’d like to discuss and expand on. Now go forward so you can show up and show out!

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