How to Avoid Content Fatigue

and what to do if you're experiencing it...

What is Content Fatigue?

#ContentFatigue is what you experience when you have consumed so much information that you get overwhelmed, discouraged, experience a lost/stuck feeling, and sometimes sick (physically and mentally).

I created this term because towards the end of January I was consuming so much content and information listening/reading my books, being on Facebook, Youtube, IG, TikTok, Snapchat, and now the famous Clubhouse, that everything started to sound the same. I was feeling mentally exhausted and started to feel sick!

As an entrepreneur, it is our job to continue learning because when we stop we don't grow and when we don't grow we don't make money.

Who wants to not make money when they have mouths to feed?

How do you avoid Content Fatigue?

The best way to avoid content fatigue is break down and layout what subjects you want to learn.

  • Stick to 1-2 topics and moderately indulge in them on a schedule

  • Don't listen to too many speakers at one time (YouTube, Clubhouse, webinars, etc)

  • Believe and know that you don't have to retain everything you consume (that's what notes and bookmarks are for)

  • Remember your learning is Self Paced (review it as much as you want until you're comfortable with the information)

How do you get out of Content Fatigue?

  • Realize that you're experiencing Content Fatigue (it looks and feels like the what I wrote in the first paragraph)

  • Unplug immediately (stop consuming information/content)

  • Find a place to drink water, listen to music, and or sit in silence and breath (a walk outside or stepping out on the porch to breath in fresh air. get in a good stretch.)

  • I recommend taking at least a 24 to 72 hr break from sitting on social media, tv, and any media platforms (inform people that you speak to on a daily basis that you're unplugging so they don't worry about your digital footprint becoming faint)

  • To reset do what I listed out in the first set of bullets

Have you experienced Content Fatigue? Did you know you were? How did you bounce back? I hope these tips helped you or will help you in the future. Coming up with this system has definitely helped me to become more productive and to also avoid burnout.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. See you next time!

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