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Bucket List Item: To be in Love and 2 Reasons Why

I got asked a few weeks ago about what I had on my bucket list. I really didn’t have an answer. As much as I run my mouth I had absolutely nothing to say to that. I’ve heard of the movie, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about their bucket list but I didn’t think of my own. When I thought about it I had one thing come to mind. One thing that is for sure that I want to accomplish in this life is falling in love with someone, staying in love, and having it be mutual. Here are my reasons why.

Love is so selfless. If you have a child (and are a good parent) no matter the circumstances you always want to do for them and give them what you feel they deserve and or the things you’ve never had. If you have a best friend you make sure their birthday and days of accomplishments are celebrated on a national scale. You tend to forget about the time or money you may spend on them and don’t see it as a lost. What does that have to do with being in love with someone? When you’re in love with someone and its mutual you don’t worry about giving your thoughts, feelings, emotions, resources, and (in most cases) body to that person. You don’t feel like you’re sacrificing anything. Anything you’ve done does not feel like you’ve taken any loss. If you do feel like you’ve sacrificed and lost something then you either need to reevaluate or stop wasting time with the person you’re with.

Love is the root of all things good. A chef couldn’t fry the perfect piece of juicy golden brown fried chicken with 60 million herbs and spices unless he had a love for chicken and cooking. Kevin Hart couldn’t be a comedian if he didn’t love to want to make people happy and to make them laugh. A makeup artist couldn’t beat your face to the gods if he or she didn’t love the chemistry of colors, the blending of the brushes, the business of the brows! You get my point. When you love, you don’t hurt. When you love you glow. When you love you actually do better in life. When you love, you’ve already mastered the art of loving yourself. What does that have to do with being in love? When you have love as your foundation in your relationship you have respect for each other. You have consideration for that person’s beliefs, thoughts, and feelings as they do for you. Love is powerful enough to squash petty situations and automatically blocks out distracts because your focus will be where it needs to be.

Love is everlasting and it should never hurt. This statement goes without explanation.

You don’t prepare for this, there’s no checklist. You don’t give it a time limit and you don’t set a time for it. A lot of people run from it due to fear and when you act out of fear you lose out on a lot to include your own happiness. It’s not overrated; there are just a lot of bitter and ignorant people that are. You will never get comfortable or understand anything if you don’t introduce yourself to it.

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