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5 Ways to Slay 2018

It seems like 2017 sucked for a lot of people. Myself included. One of the reasons why is because this is the first full year without my mother (she passed August 2015), I didn’t get to see any of my family this year due to work conflict, training, and there were the normal setbacks that life throws at you. Nonetheless, I did have some pretty awesome things happen. I was blessed with a pretty good dude, gained some new career opportunities, save a few dollars, and of course grow a little… that’s always good right? So who beside myself wants a more than epic 2018

? I’m not saying this will be easy but anything with some effort will at least come. It comes down to that same old but relevant question: How bad do you want it? With all that being said, check out this list:

1. Actually make a list of goals (things you want to happen for yourself)! ←---Duh This is something we already know. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a napkin, written on your fridge or mirror with a dry erase marker, taped to your dash in your car, or in you smart device.  

2. Kick dead end relationships out the backdoor. You know what a leech is? You know what a bum is? Stop letting leech type bums make you feel like you’re not allowed to make yourself better or you’re not good enough/worth it. Its going to hurt but a little pain builds character.

3. Read a book. Heck, listen to a book if your reading comprehension isn’t all there. YouTube is a great resource and Amazon Kindle products have a free 30-day trial for books. 

4. Take a class in something that’s out of your norm that interests you. Aerial yoga, a finance class, kickboxing, acting/improve class. Check your local Chamber of Commerce , community college, or even Eventbrite.com for some free or inexpensive classes that help you better than you were last year.

5. Find a new job/career if you can’t move up the ladder. If you’ve been at a company for xyz years but you’re still stuck on the floor, in a cubicle, on the register and want to move up, go to your Human Resource department and see what extra work you need to put in to move up the chain. If and only if it seem you’ll be nothing more than an associate then move out to another company that allows progression. Don’t apply if you have nothing to apply.

There’s a lot of common things that I could of said like get in shape, eat better, get organized, budget…. But you knew that already! This year I’m focused on doing bigger and better and this list I feel will help and not repeat. Please drop a comment if you feel something is missing and share with your friends and family if you think this can help someone slay 2019! Happy New Year!