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5 Earthly Occurrences that may Cause us to Lose our Faith

There are a lot of us out here that believe in different deities and live our lives closest to that doctrine as possible. No matter what spiritual or religious path you may (may not) take you have a little something called faith. When we have it, it goes a long way. But when life happens, it throws us off our game! This is when we need God the most. These are 5 earthly occurrences that may cause us to lose our faith.

1. Our relationships fail No matter how BITTER a person is we all want companionship. How many of us pray for a good man or woman? How many of us pray for our significant others to change a behavior? A lot of us stay in a relationship and pray and pray that it gets better. We have to remember that God sees what we can’t and will break up a situation that we shouldn’t be in. This doesn’t mean separate for something petty.

2. We’re not getting promoted at work fast enough Did you know that everyone is not meant to work a 9 to 5? There are a lot of miserable people at their jobs that are having problems adhering to job policies, conflicts with supervisors, and going home every night with the feeling of accomplishing nothing. This may be a sign for you to change careers or start your own business. This may also be a sign that you’re not being the best you can be at work (be honest, is that you?). However, if the Lord calls you to leave your place of employment, do some research and put in some work. Remember, faith without works is dead.

3. You’re falling behind on bills It’s not any secret that maybe you or someone you know is living paycheck to paycheck. It sucks big time. I’m going to refer to the book of proverbs where it talks about common sense. For example, instead of buying new shoes, giving our last dime to someone YOU KNOW is not going to pay you back, and or (this hurts a lot of people) NOT BUDGETING! I have one more that may hurt a lot of church folks… Stop giving your absolute LAST to the church ESPECIALLY if your church does nothing to help get you back on your feet.

4. You grew up parentless, molested, or been abused Hopeless. What a lot of folks in this situation feel is hopeless or even worthless. How can God have favor on you if he’s allowed this to happen to you? Your situation certainly has (or isn’t) ideal at all. But believe it or not there is GREAT FAVOR upon you. I’ve been a woman from Atlanta who started a business (non profit) advocating for men and women who’ve been diagnosed with herpes. Every year she has retreats, meet-ups, and events to assist and EDUCATE. There’s still a calling in your life. You are somebody. You are always loved.

5. Death to a loved one or close friend (either to natural causes or suicide) I lost my mother (due to heart complications) a week before she was due to come visit me in North Carolina in August 2016. Instead of spending her birthday on a beach with me, her beautifully dressed body laid face up is a rented casket in a funeral home (I apologized if that may sound a little bit too detailed). She’s been there for me since my very existence, when I was broke in college, army boot camp, my first and second deployments, and everything in between. I found myself angry with God for taking someone so precious from me. My world. I felt dark and alone. I prayed and worshipped harder than ever and then I eventually found some sort of peace. Though its something one can’t just “get over” I do cope everyday as a reason to continue to do as God orders me to so that I may see her again.

Put in the comments below what may cause people to lose their faith. Don’t forget to share with all your friends!