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35 Things Everyone Should know before They're 30!

Ok, I am not 30 yet (nor am I that far from it either) but it trips me out how many 20 something year old folks don't know what they should! It's almost like if it isn't on Facebook or Snapchat then they're oblivious. Here are my top 35 things everyone should know before they're 30. If its in the list its because I actually KNOW someone who didn't know or have these things. Comment below if you knew or didn't know some of these things. Don't be shy. If its something you didn't know, I'll do you a favor and put it in my blog line up. 

  1. Have official copies of your Social Security Card and Birth Certificate 

  2. How to apply for utilities (not cable or internet) for your house/apartment

  3. How to use a desktop computer 

  4. How to check your email on a desktop computer

  5. How to hook up a printer to a computer

  6. How to cook

  7. How to buy/lease a vehicle

  8. Have a hard copy of vehicles insurance

  9. How to get (routine or major) maintenance done on your vehicle

  10. How to budget your finances

  11. How to apply for health insurance

  12. How to drive

  13. How to cook

  14. How to eat healthy

  15. How to exercise

  16. How to open up a checking account or savings account

  17. How to pay a bill online

  18. How to write a check

  19. How to take care of final expenses for a loved one

  20. How to dress for a job interview

  21. How to be decent member of society while still being yourself

  22. Time management

  23. How to book a vacation

  24. How to do your taxes

  25. How to get through a breakup

  26. How to study

  27. How to put your best foot forward

  28. How to use GPS

  29. How to formulate a complete error free sentence

  30. How to clean (house, car, laundry, etc.)

  31. How to conduct proper hygeine (includes shaving for some)

  32. How to prevent pregnancies and diseases

  33. How to get checked and treated for STDs

  34. How to build a resume

  35. How to ask for help before you mess up everything

If you feel that there are other priorities missing from this list PLEASE comment below. Stay blessed!