25 Places to leave your Business Card

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  1. Church

  2. Library

  3. Grocery store bulletin/community boards

  4. Starbucks (some stores have community boards)

  5. Smaller chain pizza shops

  6. Corner stores

  7. Public restrooms

  8. "Win a free lunch" fish bowls are bars and restaurants

  9. Barber and beauty shops

  10. Independently owned beauty supply stores

  11. With friends and family (to pass out)

  12. With coworkers

  13. Doctor's office/waiting room (dentist, pediatrician, etc.)

  14. At trade and vendor shows

  15. With people at all the events you attend

  16. Casting calls and auditions

  17. Group meetings

  18. Gym

  19. Public transportation

  20. Hotel/hotel rooms

  21. Airport lounges

  22. Gas stations

  23. Book stores

  24. School (kid's school, your school, etc)

  25. Newstands

I hope this helped you! I’m always for hearing your thoughts so I want to hear how you feel about The Core Business Plan down in the comments below.

As always, feel free to contact me if there’s a business topic you’d like to discuss and expand on. Now go forward so you can show up and show out!

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