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10 Reason's Why You're So Important

Some of us spend so much time caring and doing for others. Never its it a bad thing! However, in the midst of what we're giving to others we often forget to give unto ourselves and we forget why we don't make ourselves as important as we do the people in our lives. Here are 10 reasons why you're so important.

#10 You were put here on earth just like everyone else

Your existence is just as significant as everyone else walking this earth. You were created and on the plus side of that, you were created with a purpose. Out of all the sperm racing to the egg, you made it!

#9 You have many gifts and abilities

You were born with a unique set of skills. You have talents whether tapped into or not that were instilled in your for greatness while you're alive. 

#8 You have a legacy to leave behind

The world is so much more documented than it was hundreds and even 50 years ago. That means anything that you use your gifts and talents for can help set up the next generations and the ones to come for success. It doesn't particularly matter if you have kids or not. You have a story. Make that story a great one.

#7 People that value you are depending on you

Let us not confuse this with people who always have their hand out asking your what they can get off of you. I'm talking about the people who check up on you, are actually proud to hear that you've accomplished something, show up to functions to support you when they can, and pray for you. It doesn't have to be a lof of people. A solid team of true #TeamYou people is all you need.

#6 You are an inspiration

Have you ever got the feeling you're being watched? Although that sounds a bit weird it is so true. Someone whether in your family, a close friend, or an associate at work is seeing you as a pillar of strength. Possibly even a role model. Yes, you! Someone out there somewhere even if no one has admitted it to you is getting through their day or tough situation because of you.

#5 You're never alone

One thing is for certain is that there is nothing new under the sun (technology may be an exclusion). However, as far as real life situations go someone has dealt with what you're dealing with good, bad, or worse. Just remember, when you're down you should only be looking up. Reaching out to someone because you've hit a bump in life doesn't make you weaker but make you stronger.

#4 You can make yourself greater by challenging yourself 

Learning is a 365 24/7 thing and it's totally awesome!!! Do you remember when you learned how to drive and now you can get up and go whenever you wanted to? Do you remember when you learned a skill (as simple as customer service, working a computer, or register) that you became that much more qualified for more opportunities? The more skills you effectively acquire the farther you will move up in the world. When you have knowledge, no one can take it away from you.

#3 Everything you've set out to do is meaningful

Because you have purpose in your life, wheat you do has meaning. What you do (from raising a child, starting a farm, or running a fortune 500 company) impacts not only your life but also others around you.

#2 There's only one of you

This goes without saying. The greatest thing of all is that you are the first of your kind, a limited edition! 

#1 You're all you got

This also goes without saying. How could greatness be done if you're not here to be great?

Answer in the comments below why you're so important? I want to know what out think. Stay tuned throughout the week to see more about self love here on DeannaDias.com.