10 Phases of Starting a Food Truck Business

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According to the easiest cities in the US to start a food truck business are Portland, Denver, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Seattle. However, don’t think you won’t be successful starting a food truck business in another city and state!

Phase 1

What kind of food do you want to sell?

A lot more trucks are getting fancier and fancier. To stand out trucks are either serving dishes from different countries, gourmet healthy foods, sweets, yogurt bowls, and more. But, always make sure to cook what you love.

Phase 2

Research the area where you want to take your food truck.

What are lunch time and dinner time favorites? Does your food follow the trends? It’s ok if it doesn’t but it does help.

Phase 3

Decide whether you’re going to pull it (trailer style), if you want it to be more of a mobile truck, or just a cart (think of a hotdog stand).

Phase 4

Get the proper licensure and documentation

  • Health department certifications

  • Department of transportation

  • Local government parking/zoning info

  • Truck permits

  • Servsafe or any creditable food handling training/certs

Phase 5

Purchase your food safety, regulated equipment, and supplies

Try these retailers:

Phase 6

Financing your food truck

If you don’t have your own money to put towards your truck try these options

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Check your credit score! If your credit is less than favorable you can click here to get it fixed.

  • Try a personal loan

  • Before you go to any bank you will need a complete business plan

  • If you belong to a credit union, go there first. Your chances of approval are greater there

  • Peer to peer lending, Lending Club, or Prosper

  • Create a Gofundme account

  • Be genuine and transparent so your friends, family, and others can support you

  • Cater locally to raise money

  • Make and copyright a cookbook with your recipes to raise the money

Phase 7

Get Insured

Ask your current home and or vehicle policy holder for specialty insurance. If they do not carry that type of insurance try these other options:

Phase 8

Find parking

Look for local and major events in your community and outside towns. Festivals are big events to be at. Set your budget for them because sometimes they can be pricy. Some events have refundable deposits too!

Phase 9

Come out of the truck sometimes

Make sure that you’re taking advance of every opportunity to expand your food truck business:

Phase 10

Get social!

You want to make sure that word of mouth travels fast for you:

  • Male a fan page on social media platforms

  • Video is KING - make a lot of videos (fairly short) about any and everything regarding your food truck

  • Ask friends and family to share their experience and or just share in general

Did you find this useful? Would you want a printable checklist to start your food truck journey? What can I add or take out (no pun intended)? Let me know in the comments below!

PS: Did you miss the youtube video for this blog? Watch it by clicking here


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