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One movement every black women show know about

Posted on November 24, 2016 at 4:30 PM

The official launch of a potential powerful movement happened in the small town of Rocky Mount, North Carolina November 10, 2016.

The movement promotes the unity between black women near and far to work, trust, build, and elevate each other.

So what is this movement called? The Lady Grinders of course!

Founder and CEO Tiqura McCowen had described the movement as “Coming together to work towards a common goal.”

Coincidently, November 10th happened to be her 22nd birthday and at the time of her birth 7:37pm, the launch of the official Lady Grinders website came into fruition.

The party itself had a calm and strong ambiance. A projector looped an influential photo shoot of various women of color whose look was inspired by Angela Davis. Not only was the purpose of the party was to promote the movement and celebrate Tiqura’s birthday but it was also to raise money through Lady Grinders t-shirts, to make care packages to African American foster kids and college students who may be struggling.

At this time Tiqura McCowen, an Eastern North Carolina native is currently a senior studying Business Administration-Marketing/Retailing at East Carolina University. Her passions include mentoring the youth, networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, and building relationships through her involvement, support of community issues, and motivating. 

To be a part of this movement and to educate yourself more about the Lady Grinders please contact" target="_blank">Tiqura McCowen or visit the Lady Grinders website.

-- The event was catered by Annie’s Catering.

Below I'm picutred wirth the wonderful Tiqura McCowen.

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